Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watching Angel - Ten Years Later

Yep. I'm finally getting around to watching Angel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a revelation for me, in terms of modern retelling of mythology and archetype, and I watched Buffy about ten years after the fact, too. (Confession: I still haven't made it all the way through poor, painful, limping, suckitudinous season seven, in spite of the DVD boxed set sitting within arm's reach.) Angel is available streaming on Netflix, so it's painlessly accessible just when I really need something to write about, too.

Any memorable show needs memorable theme music, and we get that with Angel. It's actually one of the very few openers I don't just automagically skip, because it's moody, evocative, and well-suited to the overall tone of the show. Also, I just like it.

I like it so well, in fact, I went out and found the full-length version to share with you!

Whee! Angel! Vampires! Darkness and shadows and streetlights reflecting off pavement!

To be dead honest, I'm sort of predisposed to be a little resistant to Angel. I found the character mostly tiresome, in BtVS; whiny and melodramatic and maddeningly inclined to withhold important information. People I like and trust to have good judgment keep telling me that it's well worth watching, though, so here we go.

You, you lucky three souls, are cordially invited along for the ride.

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